Atribusi Roadmap

Deep Insights

Planning to build out a new analytics page that will focus on deep insights for converted visitors. We will display the top channels and pages that are converting for you, as well as the top pages and channels that are not converting. This will allow you to optimize your marketing efforts and focus on the channels and pages that drive conversions. And that's just the tip of the iceberg; there's a lot more to come!

Real-time Analytics page

There will be a new analytics page that will show you real-time data on your visitors. Each unique page on your website with visitors will display with the number of visitors to the side of it. Each visitor's data will be displayed with their Referral source, the channel they came from and the current page they're on. Their IP Address will be displayed as well right next to their session, city, and country.

Session Replay

We will add the ability to record user sessions just like Hotjar and Microsoft Clarity.